Friendly Attacks – Version 0.6.6 is now live!

Heroes of Fortunia version 0.6.6 is now live. Please update your game to the latest version in order to keep playing.

Below you will find a list of all changes:

New Features

  • We’ve finally added a friends list to the social tab of the game, that gives you the opportunity to interact with the friends you’ve made on Steam.
  • You can now invite your friends to attack your currently published dungeon.
  • You can now spectate your friends’ attacks if they’re in a ranked, casual or challenge attack.
  • Some projectiles that fly in an arc now have a landing radius indicator.

Hero/Component Changes

  • Freezing Tower: Freeze time reduced from 3s -> 2.5s
  • Electro Wraith: Attack speed reduced by 20%
  • Hungering Scarecrow: Attack reduced from 4 -> 1, health increased from 41 -> 47


  • Fixed an issue that would cause various projectiles to be rendered incorrectly in replays only.
  • Improved the way spike traps behave in replays.

Please do let us know what you think of these changes either via the Steam community forums or the in-game feedback form. It’s only a matter of time before Guilds are added into the game now!

Friendly Attacks – Version 0.6.6 is now live!