Announcing Overtime Changes & Stars for 0.7.0

Heroes of Fortunia update 0.7.0 is scheduled to release on August 24th (subject to change) and with it we will bring some changes to the overtime mechanic, and introduce stars as a new way to measure your performance after a dungeon attack.

An attacker can gain between 1 and 3 stars.

Overtime Changes

Previously, the way overtime worked was that if you didn’t beat the dungeon faster than the player who published it, the game would go into overtime mode, and the following things would change:

  • Certain traps such as defense gates will stop working or behave differently
  • Monsters have 50% reduced health
  • Attackers have 50% reduced health

At the end of overtime, if you didn’t complete the dungeon, you would lose the attack instantly. From 0.7.0 onwards, this will no longer be the case. Overtime will work the same as before, except it will no longer cause you to lose your attack upon expiry, but will instead be responsible for how many stars you get should you end up winning:

  • Beat the dungeon faster than the original creator: 3 stars
  • Beat the dungeon during overtime: 2 stars
  • Beat the dungeon after overtime: 1 star

It should be noted that even once overtime expires, all overtime changes will remain in effect, such as minion health changes & trap changes. But what will prevent an attacker from just sitting idle until overtime runs out, and then rush through the dungeon for an easy clear? We’ll take a look at how & why stars matter in the next section.

Stars are also displayed in the attack log.


As mentioned before, stars are a new way to measure performance during an attack. But what are they, and why do they matter?

In casual mode, stars have no effect at all and are purely prestigious. This means that even if you do encounter a difficult dungeon in casual mode, you could choose to let it go to overtime to have an easier time with minions if you want to see the entire dungeon (or perhaps beat it).

In ranked mode however, stars are very important, as they will now determine how many crowns you will actually get at the end of the attack. The crown gain/loss ratio at the beginning is only valid if you achieve 3 stars. 2 stars will award 66%, and 1 star will award 33% of those crowns respectively. So for example, if you are presented with a +55 crown offer, but only achieve 2 stars, you will gain +36 crowns instead.

This will create an interesting dynamic in ranked play: Will you risk it all to try and go for the 3 stars, or play it safe and try to get only 1 star for a lesser reward?

Also, in ranked play only, stars you gain at the end of an attack will contribute towards your progress on the Season Ladder. More info regarding the Season Ladder will be revealed soon.

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Announcing Overtime Changes & Stars for 0.7.0