OVERTIME! – Version 0.6.8 is now live!

Heroes of Fortunia version 0.6.8 is now live. Please update your game to the latest version in order to keep playing.

This update brings some big gameplay changes in attack & publish mode, so be sure to update your dungeon in order to accommodate for these changes.

Attack Changes & Overtime

The timer in ranked & casual mode now runs out based on the publish time of the player you’re attacking. Once the timer runs out, the game will enter Overtime Mode for another 30 seconds – 2 minutes depending on the publish time.

Once overtime hits, the screen begins flashing and the music changes. All enemies’ maximum health and your own maximum health is reduced by 50%, and certain traps will stop working in order to speed up gameplay. Below you will find a list of traps that are affected:

  • B.O.U.L.D.E.R.: Automatically drops upon the start of overtime.
  • Freezing Tower: Completely deactivated during overtime.
  • Electric Fence: Completely deactivated during overtime.
  • Defense Gate: Automatically opens upon the start of overtime, and will no longer close during overtime.

When overtime expires, you immediately die akin to the concede function.

In addition to the timer changes, we’ve now added out-of-combat health & mana regeneration, in order to make dungeons less punishing for a few mistakes, and to allow longer dungeons to be built & completed in a reasonable manner.

Attack Rewards & Golden Heroes

We’ve changed the way attack rewards work for 0.6.8. Instead of receiving 75 gold after each successful attack, you will now receive 50 gold. However, rewards are no longer capped on a daily basis, but instead now follow the season reset pattern. The amount of gold you can receive uncapped during a season hasn’t changed, but you are now 100% in charge of when you do your attacks, instead of being forced to complete a set amount each day to avoid missing out on gold.

We’ve also introduced golden heroes as a reward for the most dedicated ranked attackers. In order to unlock a golden hero, you will need to win 500 ranked attacks with said hero. The golden variant will replace their default skin for you permanently.

Other Changes

  • Freezing Tower: Increased placement box size.
  • Flaming Exhaust: Reduced the hitbox size of the flame projectiles.
OVERTIME! – Version 0.6.8 is now live!
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