The Electro Knight enters the dungeon – Version 0.6.7 is live!

Hey everyone,

it’s been a while since the last update and unfortunately the recent heat wave in Europe has adversely affected our ability to work on the game, but things are back to normal (for now) and we are back on track!

We are finally bringing you the very first alternate hero in the form of the Electro Knight, as well as some other miscellaneous features and gameplay improvements.

New Content

  • The Electro Knight has entered the dungeon as the first alternate hero! More info on what he does and how to get him below.
  • You can now dissolve components you don’t want for some extra elixir. Gone are the days of having to scour through hundreds of chests to get the components or the elixir you need.
  • We’ve overhauled the character selection screen to allow you to pick different hero skins, and to make it a bit prettier overall.
  • We’ve added support for special offers & promotions through the game’s shop. More info below.

Electro Knight

As mentioned before, the Electro Knight is Heroes of Fortunia’s first alternate hero. He plays exactly the same as the Knight, but has a different color and his abilities have an electric flair.

You can get the Electro Knight plus 40 chests as part of a special promotion right now. This offer will only be valid through Sunday, after which the Electro Knight will enter the personal offers rotation. More info on personal offers below.

Special Offers

From now on, special offers will appear in your shop every now and again, and the game will notify you whether that’s the case. Special offers are split into two categories: Seasonal offers and personal offers.

Seasonal offers are available for everyone and are usually one-time purchases. The Molten Fort theme for example is now a seasonal offer, which is valid until the game’s full release. Note that in-game, the reference date for the Molten Fort offer is December 31st 2019, but the game’s release may possibly happen before that date, and thus the offer may expire earlier also.

Personal offers are different for every player and follow the same timer as the dungeon challenge. Every Wednesday morning, you are allocated a new personal offer which you are able to buy until the next Monday morning. Some personal offers are one-time purchases, while others have the option to reappear in your shop. These are often value packs of chests and/or elixir at a discount, but can also be something else like an alternate hero or a dungeon theme.

Hero/Component Changes

All Heroes:

  • Mobility skills & other knockback now properly scale with haste.


  • Freezing Tower: Reduced time frozen from 2.5s -> 2s.

Other Changes

  • Epic components are now guaranteed to be looted once every 10 chests (was 20), and are statistically expected once every 5 chests (was 10).
  • Adjusted some visual elements of the Molten Fort theme.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause knockback to behave differently depending on frame rate.
The Electro Knight enters the dungeon – Version 0.6.7 is live!
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