Weekly Glimpse #5: Archer Spotlight

The Archer is a quick but fragile ranged hero, who specializes in dealing high amounts of damage, especially in the form of damage over time (DoT) effects.

His toolkit is built around constantly evading enemies and manipulating their movement to his advantage.

The Archer, performing his basic attack.

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Piercing Shot

The Archer’s first skill, Piercing Shot, fires a powerful arrow that travels through enemies, dealing a large amount of damage to all enemies hit. Since it travels in a straight line, you have to be careful to align enemies properly, perhaps by funneling them through a narrow corridor, to make sure that you hit as many as you can.


His second skill, Multi-Shot, is almost the exact opposite of Piercing Shot. Instead of one powerful arrow, it shoots three volleys of three weaker arrows (that’s 9 arrows in total), which can each hit one enemy. You can even position yourself close to an enemy, so that all 9 arrows hit the same target, for maximum damage. But be careful, since the Archer has very low health!

Flaming Arrows

His third and final skill is Flaming Arrows. This skill is a passive buff that changes all arrows (including those shot from basic attacks) to flaming arrows. They still deal the same damage initially, but apply a fire debuff to all enemies they hit, dealing an additional 80% of their original damage as damage over time. This is by far the Archer’s most important skill, as mastering it will be the key to successfully either clearing large packs of minions, or defeating very powerful foes.

The Archer’s flaming arrows in action.

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Weekly Glimpse #5: Archer Spotlight
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