Weekly Glimpse #6: Minion Mechanics

Minions play a very important role in building your perfect dungeon. They’re what gives your dungeon character, a sort of personality if you will. And, more importantly, most of them have special mechanics that are designed to give the attacking player a very hard time!

In this week’s glimpse we’re going to dive in and have a detailed look at what type of minion mechanics you will be able to expect in Heroes of Fortunia, and how to utilize them to their fullest.

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Certain abilities are only performed after a special condition has been met. Those conditions are described by keywords, such as Engage, Enrage or On Death. Keywords are highlighted using green text in a minion’s details panel, and can also be the condition themselves. For example, a minion might buff other nearby minions, but only if they have an Engage effect.

The three keywords are as follows:

  • Engage: The minion does something when it switches from idle to chasing the player.
  • Enrage: The minion does something once damaged below 50% health.
  • On Death: The minion does something once its death animation has finished playing.

In addition to that, it should be mentioned that a minion will always engage if one of the following is true:

  • The player has gotten close to the minion
  • The minion has been damaged (source is irrelevant)
  • The minion was told to engage by another minion

Generalized Keywords

While the above keywords are always followed by more specific text that outlines a minion’s ability, the following keywords are more generalized and always function the same way. They are also represented using green text, but aren’t described any further on the details panel.

  • Stealth: While engaged and moving towards the player, the minion cannot be targeted or damaged by single-target spells.
  • Ranged: The minion shoots projectiles instead of performing melee attacks. Projectiles may or may not chase the player.
  • Blind: The minion will only engage the player upon being damaged. (source is irrelevant)

Passive Abilities

Some minions have passive abilities they cast automatically whilst being engaged. Those abilities have a certain cooldown period to ensure the minion isn’t just spamming these. These types of abilities come in various shapes and sizes, some being harmful to the player, others being beneficial for other nearby minions. Here is just a handful of examples that are currently in the game:

  • Summon other minions to attack the player
  • Heal nearby minions
  • Make nearby minions immune to damage
  • Give nearby minions haste (50% attack speed increase)
  • Destroy nearby minions and increase own health

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Weekly Glimpse #6: Minion Mechanics
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