Hero Spotlight: The Knight

The Knight is a sturdy melee hero with the ability to withstand large amounts of damage. His incredible perseverance and large health pool is contrasted by his lackluster damage output and slow movement speed.

The Knight, after performing his Stomp ability.

His first ability, Stomp, deals a small amount of area damage to nearby enemies and slows their movement speed down drastically. It’s great for either killing off a swarm of low-health minions, or to slow down bigger minions to retreat and regenerate some mana.

The Knight performing his Fissure ability.

His second ability, Fissure, deals a moderate amount of single target damage to the Knight’s current target. It has no cooldown and is activated instantly, but it is quite costly, so only use it if it’s truly worth it!

The Knight, engulfed by his Magma Shield.

His third ability, Magma Shield, renders him immune to damage for a short time, and returns 50% of the damage absorbed back to him as health. This ability is great whilst in the middle of a swarm and at low health, since you can use it to heal up very efficiently. However, once it expires you’ll be wide open to attack!

Hero Spotlight: The Knight
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