Heroes of Fortunia – Beta Keys Handed Out!

Hey everyone!

The closed beta keys for Heroes of Fortunia‘s first testing period have now been handed out. From the moment we started planning the beta phase, we set 100 players to be our maximum amount of testers we could handle. This was not due to any sort of infrastructure concerns, but merely out of the fact that we wanted a small enough focus group to be able to individually focus on each and everyone’s feedback and suggestions for the game.

That said, the number of sign-ups we’ve reached is much higher than previously anticipated, so unfortunately not everyone is going to get to test the game this time around.

This time, we have opted to continue with our initial plan of 100 testers, and handed them out based on a mixture of first-come-first-served and random allocation. The first 50 people who signed up for the closed beta were given a key, and the remaining 50 people were chosen randomly out of those who haven’t gotten a key yet. Be sure to check your junk folder to make sure the mail doesn’t get lost.

We’re sorry to say that if you haven’t received an email with a beta key by now, you haven’t made it. But this won’t be the only closed beta test we’ll hold, so if you missed your chance, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter on the front page to be instantly notified whenever a new blog post is published. If you stay on your toes, you just might be among the first to sign up for our next closed beta test, which will commence in early 2019.

For those of you who have gotten in, congratulations! Follow the link in your email to get to detailed instructions on how to get the game, what you will be able to experience, and how to submit feedback. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

Heroes of Fortunia – Beta Keys Handed Out!

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