Feel the Burn – Version 0.6.0 is now live!

Heroes of Fortunia version 0.6.0 is now live. This update brings a new dungeon theme, some mechanic adjustments as well as some balance changes with it. Please update your game to the latest version in order to keep playing.

With the release of 0.6.0, the current dungeon challenge has come to a premature end, as we prepare future challenge dungeon to be in line with the new mechanics.

Replays recorded on version 0.5.2 and below are not compatible with version 0.6.0 and have thus been removed from your attack log.


New Features

  • The Molten Fort dungeon theme has been added. This is a fiery visual upgrade to your dungeon that can be obtained by making a purchase of 20 chests or greater during the game’s Early Access period. A thank you token to all of you who support the game as it grows!
Molten Fort dungeon theme
  • Line of Sight has been added as a minion mechanic, which affects the way in which minions engage and how certain targeted abilities behave.
  • Attackers in ranked mode now have three unique attempts at defeating the dungeon they are paired up against. During these attempts, attackers are free to change their hero if they choose to do so.
  • Highlights have been added to edit mode that display which minion is going to interact with another minion as long as it is targeted.

New Components

  • Small Pole: New common trap
  • Venomous Broodmother: New rare minion
  • Fiery Serpent: New rare minion
  • Exploding Scarecrow: New rare minion
  • M.B. Factory-3: New rare trap
  • Copycat Scarecrow: New epic minion
  • Venomous Viper: New epic minion
  • Hungering Scarecrow: New legendary minion
M.B. Factory-3

Hero/Component Changes

We have re-evaluated our stance on the rarities in the game, and have decided that a component’s rarity should be related to the complexity of the component, as opposed to its power level. The one exception is legendary components, which are going to be those we deem to be so strong that having multiple copies of them in a dungeon would be too powerful.

Rarities are now assigned as follows:

  • Common: A component with no or very limited special effects.
  • Rare: A component with either a mix of special effects, or a more powerful special effect than your average common component.
  • Epic: A component with either a variety of special effects, or a much more powerful special effect compared to your average rare component.
  • Legendary: A component with special effects that would render it overly powerful if you could have two or more copies of it in your dungeon.

Although these definitions are still relatively vague and open to interpretation, based on them we have made the following changes to the rarities of existing components:

  • Wraith Mage: Now common rarity (down from epic)
  • Shadow Rat: Now common rarity (down from rare)
  • Herald of Marok: Now common rarity (down from rare)
  • Peaceful Brute: Now common rarity (down from rare)
  • Speedy Treant: Now rare rarity (down from epic)
  • Electro Reaper: Now rare rarity (down from epic)
  • Venomous Spiderling: Now common rarity (down from rare)

Additionally, we have made the following changes:

  • All Minions: Now require line of sight towards the enemy hero in order to engage, unless they are damaged or alarmed by another minion.
  • Skill “Engage Others”: Now only engages other minions that are within line of sight. This affects: Alarming Treant, Alarming Hound, Gloom Hound.
  • Skill “Soul Bond”: Now only creates a bond with a minion that is within line of sight. This affects: Unholy Defender.
  • Skill “Consume”: Now only consumes enemies within line of sight. This affects: Reaper.
  • Immunity Tower: Adjusted placement box size.
  • Spike Field: Defense rating reduced from 4 -> 3
  • Electro Wraith: Defense rating reduced from 10 -> 8 (this reduces the placement box size!)
  • B.O.U.L.D.E.R.: Removes all buffs again (damage can’t be mitigated), now deals damage equal to 60% of the attacker’s current health.

We have also fixed an issue that caused the heroes’ mobility skills to behave incorrectly depending on frame rate. This means that certain mobility skills (such as the Knight’s) might be much more useful to you now depending on your graphics card. We do encourage you to try out every hero again to see what has changed for you!

Other Changes

  • Targeting has been reworked, such that your character will always move to be in range of the target unless instructed otherwise, e.g. via target clear, move, or maintain stance. This removes the necessity of having to manually click the enemy or move back into attack range after moving too far away, and effectively creates a hybrid system between the first control system and the 0.5.0 one.
  • We’ve made a lot of backend changes to the way replays are recorded and saved, in order to make viewing live replays more efficient and in order to prepare for future updates.Although we have not encountered any significant bugs during testing, we do encourage you to report anything unusual you find to us directly, either via the Steam community forums or the in-game feedback form.


  • Fixed an issue that would prevent tab-targeting properly when the current target was out of range.
  • Fixed an issue (hopefully) that caused an excessive amount of disconnects for some players.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Knight to become invisible for a short time if stunned/slowed during the heroic ability.
Feel the Burn – Version 0.6.0 is now live!
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