Heroes of Fortunia is now available as Early Access!

You can now download & play the Early Access version of Heroes of Fortunia for free on Steam!


We chose to provide the game as Early Access because the most important aspects of the game, the dungeons you’ll encounter, will be shaped by the community regardless, so it only seems right to involve all of you in the development process of the game itself.

It’s not much yet, and the selection of dungeon components is scarce, but over the coming months we will gradually introduce additional content to the game, including but not limited to:

  • A bunch more minions, traps & rooms
  • A ranked mode
  • Dungeon Challenges
  • A singleplayer campaign
  • Features to craft the minions & traps you want
  • More heroes
  • More dungeon themes

Please feel free to liberally use the feedback form provided in the game (accessible via the ESC button in edit mode) to let us know what you think, what you feel could be better, should be adjusted, could be added, or just to let us know that everything’s alright.

We hope you’ll enjoy the game as much as we do making it. See you in the dungeon!

Heroes of Fortunia is now available as Early Access!