Weekly Glimpse #12: Peaceful Brute

Hey everyone!

In today’s weekly glimpse, we are going to take a look at the Peaceful Brute, which is a minion that brings a completely new mechanic to the table. So far, we’ve covered minions that make use of the engage, enrage and on death mechanics, but the Peaceful Brute is a little bit different.

The Peaceful Brute, as seen in-game.

On paper, he seems like a big threat, because he has a low defense rating, a small placement box, and high attack & health. However, he is blind. That’s what we call minions that will not engage the enemy hero at all, unless they are being damaged.

That said, it doesn’t matter where the damage comes from, so if you are clever, you can create some setups where other minions damage this one in order to make it engage.

These types of minions are definitely going to make for some interesting dungeon setups as you figure out the most optimal ways in which to utilize them.

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Weekly Glimpse #12: Peaceful Brute
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