Version 0.6.4 is now live!

Heroes of Fortunia version 0.6.4 is now live. This update brings some more balance changes, as well as a few new traps to the game. Please update your installation to the latest version in order to continue playing.

Replays recorded on 0.6.3 and below are still compatible with 0.6.4.

New Components

  • Poison Arrow Trap: New rare trap.
  • Flaming Exhaust: New rare trap.
  • Freezing Tower: New rare trap.
  • Project L.O.G.: New legendary trap.

Hero/Component Changes


  • Magma Shield: Duration increased from 6s -> 8s, cooldown increased from 10s -> 14s
  • Radiant Dash: Cooldown reduced from 6s -> 5s

The Knight has been the second most popular hero in ranked since the beginning of time, but his win rate after the recent minion buffs has been less than stellar. These changes should make him a bit more mobile, and allow him to combat low but sustained damage a bit better, at the cost of not being able to withstand so much burst damage anymore.


  • Shadowstep: Cooldown reduced from 3s -> 1.5s

The most popular pick in both ranked and casual, but the hero with the worst win rate up until now. This small change should allow the Archer to leverage the invulnerability granted by Shadowstep a bit more, especially in trap “cages”, as he doesn’t have any other form of damage mitigation.


  • All Minions: Line of sight requirement increased from 40 units -> 42 units (now require enough space for a hero to fit through)
  • Electric Fence: Slowness duration reduced from 6s -> 3s
  • Electro Reaper: Health reduced from 36 -> 27, slowness duration increased from 3s -> 6s
  • Haunted Tomb: Defense rating increased from 9 -> 10
  • Protection Tower: Defense rating reduced from 7 -> 6
  • M.B. Factory-3: Defense rating increased from 6 -> 7, mini-B.O.U.L.D.E.R. lifetime reduced from 20s -> 12s (now covers around 1 room)

The Electric Fence has been the pinnacle of many defenses for a long time now. The nerf to its slowness duration and the buff to Electro Reaper should make the decision between the two of them less obvious in certain scenarios, and it will also make the Electro Reaper a more favorable pick in combination with the new traps that were added.

Other Changes

  • Minions are now more likely to try and walk through haste fences if they’re on the way to the enemy hero, even if another path is potentially shorter.
  • We’ve made some visual adjustments and increased the overall brightness of the Molten Fort theme & its associated traps.
  • Regular ranked & casual attacks no longer award elixir.
  • Dungeon challenge rewards are now more varied, with some awarding more gold than others, and elixir has been added to the reward pool to make up for the aforementioned change.
Version 0.6.4 is now live!
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