Weekly Glimpse #9: Potions

Potions are a very unique and powerful tool in Heroes of Fortunia, and can turn the tide in your favor – or leave you at a great disadvantage if misused. In today’s weekly glimpse, we’ll take a look at how potions work, and how you can benefit from them.

The Archer, just having thrown his poison potion.

What are they?

Potions are very powerful, limited-use skills that are unique to each hero. Their effects can range from something simple, such as restoring health or mana, to very powerful effects, such as setting all nearby enemies on fire and dealing lots of damage. In any case, potions are designed to either remedy some of a hero’s weaknesses, or further expand on a hero’s strengths. Every hero has a unique potion, which they can use up to three times per attack. Use them wisely, or you might regret it later on!

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These unsuspecting rats have no idea what is about to hit them!

Potion of Flames

The Knight’s potion is called “Potion of Flames”. It has a medium start-up time, meaning it takes 2 seconds after activating it until you can see its effects. But once it lands, you’re in for a treat! All nearby minions will suffer hefty fire damage over time, and the Knight himself will get empowered with haste, which increases his cooldown recovery rate, mana regeneration rate and movement speed by 20%!

It’s getting pretty hot in here!

This might seem overly powerful at a glance, but keep in mind that the Knight has very limited area-of-effect damage capabilities. This means that planning when to use this potion is crucial, since if you let it go to waste, you might find yourself getting overrun by minions later on!

Potion of Poison

The Archer’s potion is a tricky one. On its own, the “Potion of Poison” does absolutely nothing, since it only increases damage taken by enemies by 20%. BUT! If you combine the effects of this potion with the Archer’s phenomenal damage-dealing capabilities, you might just be able to defeat even the toughest of foes. This potion activates a little faster than the Knight’s, so if you like fast-paced gameplay, the Archer is probably the hero to go for you!

A puddle of poison. It has skulls and everything!

Potion of Healing

The Wizard’s potion is a boring one, unfortunately. It really only restores some health… However, that reminds me, you haven’t even seen his regular abilities yet! Oh well, guess we’ll have to leave that for another glimpse… 😉

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Weekly Glimpse #9: Potions
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